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| Burger Buns & Sliders |

Lye Burger

Our lye burgers are created with outstanding presentation. We use the traditional German (Laugenbrotchen) technique to glaze the products in an alkaline solution to create a delicious pretzel crust. The dough for this product is slightly sweet and short, rather like brioche, to ensure the rolls maintain their softness inside.

Our Products:

  • Lye Burger
  • Lye Slider
  • Lye Steak Buns

Milk Burger

Our milk burgers recipes have been tried and tested through a Japanese technique that guarantees maximum softness and they have contributed to our success as a buns company, making us a first choice provider for many wholesalers.

Our Options:

  • Milk Burger
  • Milk Slider
  • Milk Dogs

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