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Do Loafers have any Vegan Products?

Yes we do! Most of our products are vegan EXCEPT the following products:


– Lye Slider
– Lye Burger
– Lye Steak Bun
– Milk Bun
– Milk Dog
– Milk Slider
– Milk Loaf
– Brioche Loaf
– Fruit and Nut Sourdough
– Croissants
– Pain Au Chocolat

Do Loafers have gluten free options?

Yes we do! Loafers have partnered with the highly regarded team at Strange Grains to provide our customers with gluten free alternatives.


No need to set up numerous accounts with a variety of suppliers. You can get it all right here!

Are there any allergens that I should be aware of?

Yes! Although many of our products are not made with specific allergenic ingredients, they are made in a facility that does and thus the products may contain the following:


– Sesame Seeds
– Soy
– Gluten from barley and wheat (not the gluten free range, they are stored separately)
– Tree nuts
– Lupin


For specific allergen information on a particular product please contact the office.

What sizes are your sliced options?

For the products that have slicing available, the following slicing options are offered:


– Sliced Thick (1.5 cm slices)
– Sliced Thin (1 cm slices)

Do you deliver every day?

Yes! Loafers deliver almost every day of the year except:


– Christmas Day
– Boxing Day
– Good Friday
– New Year’s Day

How can I place my orders?

Loafers preferred method of ordering is through our online ordering system, Ordermentum.


Much like online shopping you can view your items, select the quantity, review what is in your cart, and finally, select the day of delivery.


To be set up with an Ordermentum account please contact the office on 9355 5351.


Alternatively, contact us below to setup an account and start ordering.
Email: orders@loafersartisan.com.au
Phone: 08 9355 5351

Can we have several log ins for our Ordermentum account?

Yes, you can authorise as many people as you like to have the ability to order on your behalf. You can also add and remove users by sending an email to orders@loafersartisan.com.au.

To add new users, please provide the following information for each new user.


– First Name

– Last Name

– Email

– Phone

What time do my orders need to be in?

Our daily cut off time is 3pm sharp. No orders can be placed after this time.


Please note that the following products have special ordering requirements so will need to be ordered early to avoid missing out.


– All Sourdough products – 2-day pre-order required
– All Bagels – 2-day pre-order required
– Danish Rugbrod – Wednesday pre-order for Saturday delivery only


Please note that for very large orders, 2-3 days’ notice is highly recommended in order to maintain Loafers high level of quality.

Do I need to be a registered customer to make an order?


How do we pay?

Loafers Artisan uses a direct debit facility through our online ordering system Ordermentum. You have the option of having direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card.

What if my order is wrong?

If there is an error with your order, please contact Loafers ASAP on the day of your delivery so that we can resolve, where practicable, any errors that may have occurred and investigate the cause of the error.